IV drip

IV treatment at home.



Catheter insertion, exchange or removal. Bladder drainage or urine collection.



Injections at home. Mobile nurses.


Taking out

Stitches removal at patients home.


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How to start and IV drip

Setting up an intravenous infusion

Many people especially (especially children) feel anxious about medical procedures, especially venipuncture and IV drip. Usually, stress is related to the fear of pain associated with a needle prick, but a professionally performed procedure is usually almost imperceptible. Some patients may be stressed by the sight of blood, but inserting a cannula or butterfly needle does not result in blood loss. The IV drips are administrated using disposable equipment with asepsis principles, the risk of infection is minimal.

IV drip:

Drip volume Price
To 250 ml 100 zl
To 500 ml 150 zł
To 1000 ml 200 zł
Type of drip Price
Antipyretic drip 200 zl
Pain drip 200 zł

Errors during IV drip procedure

Improper venipuncture may lead to hemorrhage, rupture and/ or necrosis of the vein, embolism, infection, etc. Venipuncture is more difficult to carry in a child (small and delicate vessels), obese or dehydrated person, with low pressure, fragile veins (e.g. cancer patient). Therefore, drip administration (infusions) should only be performed by qualified medical personnel.


In order to introduce our patients to the procedure of IV drip procedure, we have prepared two short videos showing what it looks like. The ability to become familiar with the course of the procedure should help the patient understand it and reduce possible stress.