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IV hydration

How much water is in the body?

The human body consists of about 60% water (hydrogen oxide, H20), which means that an adult weighing 70 kg has as much as 42 kg. The water content in the body is influenced by many different factors, e.g. gender, age, body fat level. Male bodies tend to contain more water than female bodies, newborns can be up to 90% water, and body hydration in obese people is usually significantly reduced. Water is present in all tissues, but its distribution is different, e.g. blood, lungs and bones contain 92%, 83% and 31% water respectively.

Water function in the body

Water has many different functions in the body. First of all, it is the environment of biochemical reactions required for maintenance of the basic life processes of the cell, tissue, organ and body. Water also has a transport function, it absorbs kinetic energy (e.g during a fall) and acts as a lubricant. Water is also responsible for thermoregulation. During increased physical exertion or heat, the body increases perspiration, preventing overheating and heat stroke.

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IV drip:

Drip volume Price
To 250 ml 100 zl
To 500 ml 150 zł
To 1000 ml 200 zł
Type of drip Price
Antipyretic drip 200 zl
Pain drip 200 zł

Who is at risk of overheating?

High ambient temperature can be especially dangerous for young children, the elderly and the obese. Older people often dress up too warmly, do not pay enough attention to airing their apartments due to mobility problems, sometimes they forget or simply do not feel like drinking. Some diseases (especially of the cardiovascular system, e.g. hypertension) and medications (e.g. diuretics) taken by seniors may have an adverse effect on the body’s water management. Therefore, in hot weather, special attention should be paid to all those whose self-sufficiency may be limited (children, seniors). People with increased body fat should also be alerted in hot weather – fat tissue is a barrier to water distribution. In order to prevent overheating of the body in hot weather, you should drink a lot. Do not stay in the sun unnecessarily, choose shaded places, and always have bottle of water to drink.

Hydration IV drip

In hot weather, an IV drip administration may be considered, especially in the elderly and individuals with difficulties to drink. Early symptoms of body dehydration may before example, scanty urination (oliguria), loss of skin elasticity, dry mouth, dry eyes. Severe dehydration can give symptoms like confusion and rapid heartbeat (tachycardia). Hydration IV drip most often contains sodium (Na+ ), which is the basic factor responsible for the proper hydration of the body (it helps to retain water in the body). It should be remembered that the disturbance of the body’s water balance may run without changes in osmolarity or with the concentration or dilution of body fluids, therefore the exact composition of the intravenous infusion should be adjusted to the individual needs of the patient.

Drip in the patient’s home

In the interests of the health and comfort of our patients and their caregivers, we offer the possibility of administering an hydration drip at the patient’s home in Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot.