IV drip

IV treatment at home.



Catheter insertion, exchange or removal. Bladder drainage or urine collection.



Injections at home. Mobile nurses.


Taking out

Stitches removal at patients home.



Price list, e.g. at the location of Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot.

We do not charge for traveling to the patient.

IV drip:

Drip volume Price
To 250 ml 100 zl
To 500 ml 150 zł
To 1000 ml 200 zł
Type of drip Price
Antipyretic drip 200 zl
Pain drip 200 zł

Vitamin IV drips:

ingredient Price
B1 100 zl
B6 100 zł
B12 100 zł
Folic acid 100 zł
B12 and folic acid 120 zł
Witamin C (1.5g) 100 zł
Magnesium 100 zł
An additional ingredient from the list 25 zł
ingredient Price
Witamin C (7.5g) 200 zl
Witamin C (15g) 290 zł
Witamin C (25g) 300 zł
B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, folic acid, biotin, witamin C 250 zł
Amino acids from 120 zł
Witamins A, D, E, K 250 zł
Alpha lipoic acid 150 zł

The drip infusion prices in the tables above include the use of a intravenous cannula, infusion solutions and disposable materials.


Type of injection (injection) Price
Subcutaneous injection 60 zl
Intradermal injection 60 zł
Intramuscular injection 60 zł
Intravenous injection 60 zł

Urinary bladder catheterization:

Insertion or replacement of a Foley female catheter (the patient has her own catheter) 150 zl
Insertion or replacement of a Foley male catheter (the patient has his own catheter) 150 zł
Insertion or replacement of a Foley female catheter + catheter 200 zł
Insertion or replacement of a Foley male catheter + catheter 200 zł

Blood collection:

Taking blood for diagnostic tests 50 zl
Transport of blood to the laboratory 50 zł
Blood collection for surgery (e.g. PRP, PRF) 150 zł

Cupping therapy:

Fireless bubbles Price
Childrens 50 - 150 zl
Adults 150 zł
Fireless bubbles (traditional) Price
Adults Ask about price

Nursing services:

Type of service Price
Taking out stitches 100 zl
Placement of a gastric probe 150 zł
Instructing the care of a lying patient 150 zł
Placement of a cannula 100 zł
Parenteral nutrition 100 zł
Stoma care 150 zł
Peg care 150 zł
Enema from 50 zł
Nursing hours 50 zł/h
Home care 50 zł/h

Wound treatment:

Type of service Price
Dressing change 60 zl
Treatment of pressure ulcers 60zł - 200zł

Wound treatment prices do not include dressings. The prices for dressing changes / treatment of wounds are indicative. A precise valuation can be made after examination of the wound, and the cost depends on the complexity of the procedure, e.g. the need to change a few dressings, difficult access to the wound, removal of dead tissue, the need to change the diaper during the procedure, etc. The service does not include hygienic preparation of the patient for the procedure (e.g. body toilet for lying patients)

Maternity services:

Type of service Price
Patronage visit 200 zl

The presented price offer is informative and does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. The price of the service may change depending, for example, on the complexity of the procedure, the patient’s condition, materials used, etc.