IV drip

IV treatment at home.



Catheter insertion, exchange or removal. Bladder drainage or urine collection.



Injections at home. Mobile nurses.


Taking out

Stitches removal at patients home.


Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot

Wound healing

Wound treatment and dressing change

The speed of wound healing depends on many factors. A properly treated wound, in a healthy patient, usually takes no more than two weeks to heal. However, there are situations in which wound healing is difficult and its treatment may take up to several months or longer. Important factors influencing wound healing time are, for example: the patient’s age, location and size of the wound, infection, cigarettes smoking, diet and other diseases (e.g. diabetes). Hindered healing is most often associated with insufficient blood circulation in the wound area, which limits the availability of oxygen and nutrients, slowing down tissue regeneration. A difficult-to-heal (chronic) wound may cause severe pain, limit the patient’s mobility and became potential infection gateway. We provide mobile wounds treatment service. Our nurse came to the patient’s home, which is convenient and minimizes the possibility of intra-hospital infections. We specialize in treating difficult-to-heal wounds, ulcers, burns and diabetic foot. We have many years of experience in the healing of chronic wounds. In therapy, we use state of the art dressings (moisture, pH, aseptic) and disinfectants that shorten the treatment time and reduce pain. We also offer care for bedridden patients at increased risk of developing pressure ulcers. We perform anti-bedsore prophylaxis and treat bedsores. Our nurses also provide education in the field of anti-bedsore prophylaxis for patients, their families and caregivers.

Wound treatment:

Type of service Price
Zmiana opatrunku 60 zl
Leczenie odleżyn 60zł - 200zł

Ceny dotyczące leczenia ran nie uwzględniają opatrunków. Podane ceny zmiany opatrunków/ leczenia ran mają charakter orientacyjny. Precyzyjnej wyceny można dokonać po oględzinach rany, a koszt zależy od stopnia skomplikowania zabiegu np. konieczności zmiany kilku opatrunków, utrudnionego dostępu do rany, usunięcia martwej tkanki, potrzeby zmiany pieluchy podczas zabiegu etc. Usługa nie obejmuje higienicznego przygotowania pacjenta do zabiegu (np. toaleta ciała u pacjentów leżących)…