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How to give subcutaneous injection

Subcutaneous injection in the abdomen

By subcutaneous injection, the active substance is injected into fatty tissue between the skin and the muscles. The drug administered in this way is absorbed slower (weaker blood supply to the injection area) than, for example, after intramuscular or intravenous administration, therefore it usually works longer and less rapidly. The nurse in the video shows a popular and relatively safe method of subcutaneous injection. The technique is based on the formation of a fold of the patient’s skin with the fingers. The fold reduces the risk of puncturing deeper vessels and muscles. The needle is inserted into the apex of the skin fold, most often at an angle of 90 °. In very slim people, with a thin layer of fatty tissue under the skin, the needle can be inserted at a smaller angle (90 ° – 45 °) – most often it allows for a slightly longer path for the needle. In most cases, when the needle is properly placed under the skin, you can relax the skin. In very slim patients, it may be necessary to hold the fold throughout the injection – in order to avoid displacement of the needle into the deeper tissues. Sometimes, maintaining too much pressure while giving a subcutaneous injection can cause resistance to the syringe plunger and cause pain for the patient.

Watch a short video of the nurse presenting the technique of subcutaneous injection. The video was prepared for patients so that they know what to expect during a procedure performed by a professional. Do not inject yourself – without proper training as it may lead to loss of health or life.

See how to give self-injection with a pre-filled syringe. This uncomplicated medical procedure should be performed by a medic, but patients can do after short training. The man in the film is not a medic, but after consultation with our nurse, he coped with the injection perfectly. Remember that not every pre-filled syringe can be self-injected – always read the drug leaflet carefully and if in doubt, ask your nurse or doctor for advice. In this video, heparin is given, which can be injected on its own in certain situations.